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Air Dryers

Refrigerated - Desiccant - Hybrid

Air dryers are essential for environments that require dry air for the sake of their staff and equipment. Moisture suspended in the air can not only be damaging to your workers’ health, but can also cause your machinery to rust prematurely. Martinair Compressors Ltd provide top quality compressed air dryers to help combat these issues, with a number of different models available depending on the type of business you are and what premises you have.

Our Dryer Products

Refrigerated Dryers

For environments that won’t fall below 3°C, refrigeration dryers are an inexpensive, effective dryer for most environments.

Desiccant Dryers

Functional in temperatures down to -75°C, desiccant dryers are perfect for controlling moisture in conditions below freezing.

Hybrid Dryers

Highly efficient dryer that combines the best of refrigeration and desiccant dryer mechanics. 

Don’t see what you need? We may still be able to help. At Martinair we pride ourselves on our bespoke service, and will endeavour to help any and all compressed air dryer enquiries.

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